Dog Day
Night Group

tom098 - Cover Artwork
tom098 - Cover Artwork

Dog Day
Night Group


Released 20/04/2007
CD/LP Gatefold/Digital

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In many ways a pop group's success hinges on their ability to write memorable songs. Dog Day's Night Group not only delivers in this sense, but also shows how simple tunes can convey meaning, beauty, and honesty. From the playful intro "Lydia", named after keyboardist Crystal Thili and drummer KC Spidle's fanatical cat, to the sorrowful "Bright Light", a song about fate and last chances, the album moves through a broad range of content and mood. All the while, singer Seth Smith and his girlfriend Nancy Urich never crack a smile or shed a tear, opting instead to maintain control by focusing on what's essential to this music—melody and harmony.

In the tradition of great pop bands, Dog Day keeps it simple on Night Group. They are not a band who distracts by over-indulging or showing off. The beats pound straight through, the keyboard plays one well chosen note at a time, the guitars and bass follow suit. But unlike the countless bands toting incompetence as a selling point, Dog Day demonstrates mastery by playing tight and aggressive, taunting us at times with their understated abilities on tracks like Vow, which plays with timing, starts, stops, and meanders. This album consistently make the point that minimalism can be a compositional choice, not a foregone conclusion.

Night Group has been in the making for more than a year. The original work took place in the band's home town of Halifax , Canada. An entire mix down was completed there, and then another at Tomlab's art compound in Germany. The result is pop gem. Night Group shares qualities of classics like The Smith's The Queen Is Dead, or more recently Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped, which despite their extensive productions, sound effortless and raw.

It is always exciting when a great band comes out of nowhere. Dog Day's Tomlab debut has the makings of a modern classic and should leave a huge impression on critics and music fans alike.

  1. Lydia
  2. End Of The World
  3. Oh Dead Life
  4. Career Suicide
  5. Know Who You Are
  6. Vow
  7. Gayhorse
  8. Night Group
  9. Sleeping, Waiting
  10. Defeat
  11. Great Pains
  12. Bright Light