The Language Game

Tom009 - Cover Artwork
Tom009 - Cover Artwork

The Language Game


Released 8/08/2000
CD digipak/Digital



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When Jeremy Ballard was 17 he discovered electronic music and the powers of the synthesizer. Growing up in a suburb of Dallas, TX, there weren't many people to make music with. So, he began to make music alone. In 1996 he moved to Austin to go to college and by 1997 was playing around town in bars, galleries, college radio and the living rooms of houses under the project name Inkblot. Now, Jeremy is 22, Tomlab is releasing his first full cd The Language Game.

The Language Game is electronic progress music with subtle, light-hearted syncopations and a playful sense of austerity and attention to detail. Its mature simplicity and layered composition juxtapose the melodic with the unmelodic, the hi-fi with the lo-fi, and the digital with the acoustic. So far, Jeremy has shyed away from using the computer in his studio due to not having any software. Instead, he prefers his daisy-chained midi setup of samplers, sequencers and synthesizers. He arranges and records in real-time directly to DAT until he gets the desired performance, sometimes adding acoustic, bass or baritone guitar...Up to date Inkblot is the strange mutt puppy of life, electro, ambient and post-rock experiences.

  1. Day of the System Builders
  2. And Here We Are
  3. Returnless
  4. I Thought It Was Something Else
  5. As If There Was Reason To Our Chatter
  6. The One With The Blue And yellow Trim
  7. Mono No Aware
  8. Even Now With These Robot Arms
  9. Miko Rides Again
  10. Greyscaled
"puts Inkblot back in the camp of DUB Records and Mouse on Mars" Alternative Press
"Enough to make it worth hanging out in the bedroom a little longer" Pitchforkmedia