Tom013 - Cover Artwork
Tom013 - Cover Artwork



Released 14/08/2001

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Music that challenges time.

Loop oriented, quiet tracks that carry a rare level of intensity. Novisad's new release ultimately confronts you with the question where this mystery is coming from because Kritian Peters has been bringing so much emotion through the wires. It is both evident and hard to grasp how Novisad is treating the loops and layers with his very own sensitivity that weaves together very pure ambient music with wonderfull melodies.

"It is rare that this sort of music results in such melodiousness and human warmth, but 'Seleya' succeeds in doing just that." Motion UK
"Incredibly mature for one so young, it actually starts out unremarkable and by the end of the 38 minutes you're completely impressed." Other Music
"It is all that it needs to be, and no more. In its restraint, it's a welcome antidote to the hybris of boom times. Lovely and long overdue."
  1. Pflanzenwuchs
  2. Regen
  3. Piaa
  4. Theatralik
  5. Schattenmelodie
  6. Seleya
  7. Zerfall
  8. Sehnsucht
  9. Verlauf
  10. Einsam
  11. Sommersonnenschein
  12. Macht
  13. Vorbei