Angelika Köhlermann

Tom017 - Cover Artwork
Tom017 - Cover Artwork

Angelika Köhlermann


Released 5/03/2002



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This is a sonic travelogue about a girl, an ex-boyfriend, a train from Paris to Germany, a new boy & his electro-pop label. Persuaded to record whatever she wants, she retires to her bedroom to make a delicate, simplistic, almost childlike, lo-fi electronica pop affair w/infrequent spoken German vocals.  Here is what the artist said:

"Hello, I'm Angelika Koelhermann from Hamburg. "Care" is my first album, this was supposed to be a kind of a road movie, but just a kind. In fact, this is the fictional story of a girl living in Paris and leaving her boyfriend....There is no end to this story, because the only possible end was for her to die, but she preferred not to. There is no end to this record because the only possible one would have been to remove it and everybody wanted to listen to it before."

Unofficial hint for increased confusion: the artist behind Angelika Köhlermann is a very well known French artist Anne Laplantine who previously released under the name Michiko Kusaki on Gerhard Potuznik's label 'Angelika Köhlermann'.

  1. Bain Bain
  2. Qu'est Ce Que Tu T' souviens
  3. German Lesson
  4. Krokadiu
  5. You And Me
  6. Donde Vas
  7. Where You Are + Blue Blow
  8. If I Won't I Wish
  9. Ilya
  10. Felix
  11. Kiss
  12. Train
  13. I Still Do
  14. Train
  15. I, I've To Go
  16. I Felt In Love
  17. Land Escapes
  18. Oiseaux
  19. Sad
  20. My Real Name
  21. Souvenir
  22. Tonight
  23. Need To Find
  24. Vent
  25. I Find You Again
"We would like to scream - to make sure that you listen - that the first album by Angelika Koehlermann really kicks your butt. Or put it full of stickers ‚listened and approved' or ‚buy it or die sad' ." JD Beauvallet for Les  Inrockuptibles (F)