Given You Nothing

Tom018 - Cover Artwork
Tom018 - Cover Artwork

Given You Nothing


Released 29/04/2002




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The man behind Flim is Enrico Wuttke, an artist from Dresden, Germany who has been working all quietly over the past years in his homerecording studio to develop his unique sound. His debut Given you nothing surprised us very much because it is somehow pointing back to the very first Tomlab release Visor - both with evident references to Talk Talk's "Laughing Stock" album.

Given you nothing is a very playful, warm and acoustic sounding release, far away from the bespoken Visor CD and hard to compare to anything around. The piano plays an important role for Flim, sometimes he plays almost classical pieces that are only very sparsely arranged with other instruments like "Hell" or the title track "Given You Nothing".

In pieces like "The Grass", an outstretched organ piece of a rare intensity, his influence from Talk Talk's infamous "Laughing Stock" and its sensitivity becomes most obvious. Overall the album has a childlike, melancholic feel - like the end of summer. The vulnerable innocence of pieces like "My Czesko Guitar" or "April" has a lot in common with the Electronica genre but they are much more austere in their character.

The first Flim album is certainly one of the most intriguing new discoveries from Tomlab.

"The single word that comes to mind with Flim is "refreshing." It's nice to hear an album that uses the tools of the computer age while completely retaining its musicality. Good, simple tunes and the unsteady rhythm of an actual human being make Given You Nothing a record with a lot of heart. " Pitchforkmedia
  1. Hell
  2. Plural
  3. Linker
  4. April
  5. My Czesko Guitar
  6. Linker 2
  7. This Is A Lush Life
  8. Am Rande Gesehen
  9. Paspell Unten
  10. The Grass
  11. Given You Nothing