The Books
Thought For Food

Tom020 - Cover Artwork
Tom020 - Cover Artwork

The Books
Thought For Food


Released 3/06/2002
CD/LP Gatefold/Digital

Note: This titles is no longer available through TOMLAB

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Virtual Indie-Rock?
Tom & Jerry haunted by the ghosts of postrock?
Post-laptop glitch and Clicks&Cuts?
An attempt to post-everything or simply another candidate for the consense album 2002?

Thought For Food explores the limits of instrumental trickery on top of mindful sample database management. Controversial, equivocal and political, The Books are building bridges and leaving geographical obstructions in music behind. They are obsessed with their respective autobiography of sound and create a work rich in reference from TV Shows to vintage newscast and redneck evangelists to hippiegurus. The result is energetic, idealistic, feet whipping, unsettling and disturbing at times...but always guarding a delicate instrumental flow against the rigidness of digital sterility.

  1. Enjoy your worries, you may never have them again
  2. Read Eat Sleep
  3. All Bad Ends All
  4. Contempt
  5. All Our Base Are Belong To Them
  6. Thankyoubranch
  7. Motherless Bastard
  8. Mikeybass
  9. Excess Straussess
  10. Getting The Done Job
  11. A Dead Fish Gains The Power Of Observation
  12. Deafkids
"This modest and unusual album stands on its own as a quiet triumph - one unlike anything I've ever heard before" Pitchforkmedia