The Carribean
History's First Know-it-All

Tom024 - Cover Artwork
Tom024 - Cover Artwork

The Carribean
History's First Know-it-All


EU, JP only, released 18/02/2003




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The Caribbean is a band from Washington DC.

History's First Know-It-All was recorded at Inner Ear Studios and produced by one of the most respected new talents Chad Clark with a heart grown up in a Dischord and Teenbeat environment.

Tomlab presents this newcomer in collaboration with Endearing Records (CA) – the same mighty Canadian pop tastemaker who released the Caribbean's 2001 missive, Verse By Verse, and we're thrilled to add another wrinkle in this beautiful relationship.

The contrast between Endearing’s concise pop stance and Tomlab’s restless exploration is a good launching point for describing History’s First Know-It-All to strangers (or so we flatter ourselves).  To oversimplify: The Caribbean represents the experimental edge of Endearing and the melodic pop side of Tomlab. Every song on the record is thought of, by us anyway, as having huge mega-hit potential on worlds yet unvisited (as soon as those worlds have radio stations, charts & playlists).

  1. Oahu Sugar Strike
  2. Bulbs & Switches
  3. The Requirements
  4. Officer Garvey
  5. In-House
  6. Fresh Out of Travel Agent School
  7. History's First Know-It-All
  8. Trick Photography
  9. Annunciator Zone
  10. Perish the Thought
  11. Check Kiting
  12. The Coward's Approach
"History's First Know-It-All is one of the best constructed, composed, and informed albums that I've heard in a long, long time" Independent Mind
"Though their material may require a bit more effort from the listener in order to obtain the full benefits of the music...the time is well spent. Strangely addicting tunes. " Babysue