Anne Laplantine

Tom029 - Cover Artwork
Tom029 - Cover Artwork

Anne Laplantine


Released 17/06/2003
3 x 7" vinyl Single in cardboard box/Digital



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Anne Laplantine is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Hard to grasp and yet always at your side if you are really open enough. Full of wonders, emotional treasures, and weird ideas she is a singularity by herself - a female artist that follows her very own intuition from Paris to Vienna, to Cologne, to Hamburg and right now Berlin.

Her work is a musical road movie, a search for the ultimate solution, a constant struggle, a neverending love story, it never has been her decision of positionning herself somewhere in a safe place in this music world. She has been releasing under such monikers as Michiko Kusaki (for the austrian Angelika Koehlermann label and for the french Alice in Wonder label) and Angelika Koehlermann (for Tomlab) but her output has never denied her personality or actual being - you can trace a thick red line throughout all her solo works so far.

Fragile, heartfelt, very concentrated and at the same time intuitive in her approach, people have been considering her work as a great draft for something that could eventually result in the next big french pop thing. Her arrangements can be astonishing, her melodies will never leave you and her voice can be heartbreaking if you listen just long enough so all the promises are there...

But here comes Anne Laplantine. Instead of just following the usual expectations for the next release, Anne has chosen a different path for the meantime and decided to explore more experimental territory. For her album Care she has been grabbing a guitar and found chords and melodies that were playful and closer to the expectations that her previous lofi-electro-pop albums were seeding.

For Hamburg she is now working on more digitally sliced and cut up pieces that despite her apparent digital nature raise a certain baroque feeling that leaves you intrigued and - knowing Anne transports a lot of her personality that may be described by beautiful baroque without the strong and oversatureted curves that you would expect... maybe something closer to Bach in the feeling she might transport.

„Wonderful, really really wonderful“ Stephan Mathieu
  1. Single 1 - Track 1
  2. Single 1 - Track 2
  3. Single 1 - Track 3
  4. Single 1 - Track 4
  5. Single 1 - Track 5
  6. Single 2 - Track 1
  7. Single 2 - Track 2
  8. Single 2 - Track 3
  9. Single 2 - Track 4
  10. Single 2 - Track 5
  11. Single 2 - Track 6
  12. Single 2 - Track 7
  13. Single 2 - Track 8
  14. Single 3 - Track 1
  15. Single 3 - Track 2
  16. Single 3 - Track 3
  17. Single 3 - Track 4
  18. Single 3 - Track 5