Mark Robinson
Origami and Urbanism

Tom030 - Cover Artwork
Tom030 - Cover Artwork

Mark Robinson
Origami and Urbanism


EU only, released 9/09/2003



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He is the guy from Flin Flon, who was the guy from Air Miami and Unrest, and still is the guy from Teenbeat Records.

Tomlab is proud to present Origami and Urbanism, the new album by American Indie figurehead, Mark Robinson. With more than a dozen releases to his credit (with bands like Unrest, Air Miami, Flin Flon, and Grenadine), Origami and Urbanism is just the third full-length to bear Mark Robinson‘s name as a solo performer. 

Recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic in Olympia, Washington, Origami and Urbanism is eleven tracks of Mark Robinson's unmistakable, hyper-annunciated vocal delivery and clean, unaffected guitar figures, accompanied by well-placed drum machine rhythms, found-sound loops, and vintage organs.  The result is a terse, intelligent collection of  catchy, minimalist pop, and Mark Robinson’s most accomplished solo work to date.  Origami and Urbanism’s first single, „Spray on the fixative“ features guest vocals from Lois Maffeo (video available soon!).

„Mark Robinson is a concealed weapon.  On the surface, he appears serene.  Inside he is churning over new leaves, playing with all the reptiles he finds there by their tails.  The ladies love him for his charm and wit, the gentlemen for his incite and candor.  A seasoned performer, he knows the rules of showbiz inside and out, including the crucial ‚no shorts on stage.”  Calvin Johnson, K Records
"The music industry is bankrupt, the Pop-Avantgarde from yesterday is again merely a rumor, people are disillusioned... Robinson's music is not the answer to this problem, it is a beginning. Somewhat strange for a guy that had his first release in 1982." Jungle World (DE)
  1. Lake District
  2. Spray On The Fixative
  3. Blinking Lights
  4. Sashimi Sashay
  5. Goodbuy Bunny Smith Square
  6. The Whippany Elks
  7. Perks And Presents
  8. Welcome Back, Eject
  9. Shut My Mouth
  10. She Was Precise
  11. New York License Plate