The Books
Lost And Safe

Tom032 - Cover Artwork
Tom032 - Cover Artwork

The Books
Lost And Safe


Released 20/10/2003
CD/LP Gatefold/Digital

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Last year, The Books surprised everyone, including themselves, with their debut release Thought for Food. Through some sort of backward circuitous motion it found wide acclaim in small circles across the globe, ending up on many end-of-year Top 10 lists.

Confounded reviewers attempted to categorize The Books' music as electro-acoustic sound collage, laptop, glitch, folktronica, cut-up indie bluegrass etcetera, but we prefer  to think of it as blipworld / fakegrass / speedblues / chamberclick / eccentrock / country&eastern / glitch postanything music with samples. Time will tell.  It has been described as music that comes from everywhere yet remains warmly personal and intimate, often like a soundtrack, sometimes referring to a particular place or city, sometimes to a time in life. Critics agreed that it found a compelling balance between instrumental innovation, silence and space, and between humor and absurdity. Listeners agreed that it made them think, and feel strangely good.

This year, The Books sally forth with their second full-length album The Lemon Of Pink. Unlike Thought for Food, which was composed on-and-off over several years across several cities and mountain villages, The Lemon Of Pink was composed more or less continuously under one old roof in the beautiful post-industrial hamlet of North Adams, Massachusetts.

As our friend, Jorge Just, described it in a single sentence:

„If you emptied 50 jigsaw puzzles onto your kitchen table, blindfolded yourself and put all of the pieces together by faith and instinct, sweating over the smoothness of each connection, working at it and working at it until finally you were finished, confident that each piece was precisely where it was meant to be, and after all that effort, you took a deep breath, removed your blindfold, looked at your work and saw something new, something inexplicable and strange and overwhelmingly comforting, something that felt exactly, impossibly, right, then you would have The Books.“
  1. The Lemon Of Pink
  2. The Lemon Of Pink
  3. Tokyo
  4. Bonanza
  5. S is For Evrysing
  6. Explanation Mark
  7. There is No There
  8. Take Time
  9. Don`t Even Sing About it
  10. The Future, Wouldn`t That Be Nice
  11. A True Story Of A Story Of True Love
  12. That Right Ain`t Shit
"The rare sort of album that convinces you original music still exists" Alternative Press
"#2 Best album of 2003" Pitchforkmedia
"superstring theory" Village Voice
"an equation that just seems so right" XLR8R
"The Lemon Of Pink will leave nobody feeling short-changed" The Wire
"It isn't often that one finds an American artist with such a mastery of collage technique and a desire to incorporate traditional folk instruments and melodies. Like the Notwist or Badly Drawn Boy, the Books open up territory for relaxed electro-acoustic listening without compromising their creative process" All Music Guide