Xiu Xiu
Knife Play

Tom033 - Cover Artwork
Tom033 - Cover Artwork

Xiu Xiu
Knife Play


EU only, released 11/11/2003


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Knife Play was published on CD in 2002 on the Kill Rock Stars sublabel 5 Rue Christine and is now released on Tomlab with a fully redesigned artwork that includes the full lyrics - an introduction to the amazing work of this band before the release of their new album Fabulous Muscles on Tomlab in February 2004.

Listening to Knife Play is a tightrope walk between tremendous fragility and an infuriated disco noise wall of sound. Acute, frightening, and sad but performed with grand virtuosity. An almost orchestral production with many reknown contributors but at the same time electronic music with a theatrical quality and intensity. Comparable to Scott Walker’s „The Electrician“ (from the Walker Brothers - Night Flights LP).

"Intensity this overwhelming makes you reevaluate your opinion on what emotions music has the right to explore. Knife Play may have its weaknesses, but it's oddly cathartic to immerse yourself in..." Pitchforkmedia

  1. Don Diasco
  2. I Broke Up (SJ)
  3. Luber
  4. Hives Hives
  5. Dr. Troll
  6. Over Over
  7. Anne Dong
  8. Suha
  9. Poe Poe
  10. Homonculus
  11. Tonite And Today (what 'chu talkin' about)