Tom039 - Cover Artwork
Tom039 - Cover Artwork



Released 15/06/2004

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Landau is Mantler's second album for Tomlab. It is also the first Mantler album produced by longtime associate Zack G. A common sight on the streets of nineteenth century cities, landaus were commodious horse-drawn carriages.

The album Landau was conceived as a carriage-ride through contemporary traffic, in the form of a love letter to African-American music, written by a white Canadian. A return to the more groove centred Mantler recordings, „Landau“ includes beautiful pop songs like „Playin‘ Along“ with its extended chorus, and carefully-crafted instrumentation, stylish drum machine beats and some to-die-for Cummings harmonies on „Regret“, wonderful love songs like „Comes A Daybreak“ and more dance oriented radio tunes like „Togethernest“, and with references ranging from Joni Mitchell, Donald Byrd, 80s soul, Burt Bacharach and Roy Ayers.

A recording from a talented songwriter that will hopefully contribute to introduce him to a wider audience.

  1. Time-Go-Round
  2. Stronger Than Action Allows
  3. Regret
  4. Playin' Along
  5. Togethernest
  6. Comes A Daybreak
  7. College Park
  8. Twilight It Was
  9. Outside The Arcade
  10. Brook And River
"Mantler's voice falls somewhere between the cold-toned Fagen and Arto Lindsay. The arrangements are less tricky, but no less pleasing to the ear." ***1/2 Rolling Stone, Germany
"What Louie Austen's brilliant Only Tonight did for crooner cred in the underground, Landau by Toronto's Chris Cummings (aka Mantler) stands to do for adult contemporary." 7/10 Montreal Mirror, Canada
"Easy listening has never been this intense. Cummings's spare arrangements and expert songwriting manage to slip plenty of intellectual and emotional substance into the sort of empty-shell music we've been hearing in commercial spaces ever since it's been shown to increase sales." Splendid, USA
" that he has the lazy tone of FM's golden ear down, Cummings needs only to craft that one hit to earn admission to Casey Kasern heaven." Urb, USA