Von Spar

tom099 - Cover Artwork
tom099 - Cover Artwork

Von Spar


Released 3/05/2007
CD/LP Gatefold/Digital


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When VON SPAR made their ciritcally acclaimed entrance in the pop circuit in 2003 (e.g. coverstory in SPEX Magazine) they were regarded as the German answer to the Post-Punk/No-Wave-renaissance. But their debut was more a clever parody about eighties-style-hipster-bands.

In the meantime the former trio grew to a five piece band which now (three years later and wiser) returns with an uncompromising album that gets ahead of all expectations. It will surprise their audience and critics and maybe leave them confused at first. Detached from the usual style issues VON SPAR have exorsized the Zeitgeist and overtaken the discourse. There is no scheme. Anything goes. Their new musical language is inspired by seventies Krautrock taking lines of flight to Fluxus art, Minimal Music and early TripHop. Apart from ringtone-compatible hits VON SPAR reanimate the classical album-format.

The two 20-minutes songs combine the spirit of exploration from Can and Kraftwerk with the conceptual aesthetics of György Ligeti and Steve Reich and techniques of dark, psychedelic multi-layering as known by Neurosis or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. All references are permantly ruptured, adopted and newly interweaved.

Most of the Material was recorded in only seven days at the legendary Electric Avenue Studio, Hamburg, with producer Tobias Levin.

The new album by VON SPAR reclaims music as a truthful place of concentration and collective energy from which newness enters the world.

  1. Xaxapoya (Excerpt 1)
  2. Xaxapoya (Excerpt 2)
  3. Xaxapoya (Excerpt 3)
  4. Dead Voices In The Temple Of Error (Excerpt 1)
  5. Dead Voices In The Temple Of Error (Excerpt 2)
  6. Dead Voices In The Temple Of Error (Excerpt 3)