Mt. Eerie
Wind's Poem

Tom131 - Cover Artwork
Tom131 - Cover Artwork

Mt. Eerie
Wind's Poem


EU only, released 1/09/2009
CD/2LP Gatefold/Digital

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What if  the sound of  wind through trees could be translated into human words?  What is it saying?

For Wind’s Poem by Mount Eerie, Phil Elverum spent almost two years out behind the house, at the edge of  the woods, listening into the night and finding these words.  Songs of  impermanence, dark change, destruction, temporary blossoming, mortality, and an immense river of  air tearing through the world make up the 3rd offcial album by Mount Eerie. 

A hundred kinds of  distortion, oceans of  synth, and clouds of  bass are the elements these twelve songs are built from, with moments of  clarity occasionally revealing soft harmonies (featuring Nick Krgovich from Vancouver’s NO KIDS) reverently attempting to describe a dark mystery.  The album holds a large debt to the music and world of  David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, as well as to some of  the more innovative artists on the edges of  ambient, colossal Black Metal. 

Like these influences, Wind’s Poem also drifts back and forth between a “dream world”, where the wind screams about feeting existence, and reality, standing on the street, wide awake, looking at the hills outside town, remembering.

The album is well built, resting on the stone-solid production of Mount Eerie’s only actual member, Phil Elverum, recorded at various locations around his hometown of  Anacortes, Washington.  In large walls of  warm noise you can hear the wind, or is it flames?, or cymbals?, voice-like through the fog.  And then all at once the clouds part and a song hangs in the air, soft and clear.

The European edition of Wind’s Poem through Tomlab comes on double vinyl and CD with 3 exclusive tracks that are not included in the US version. Mount Eerie will be touring in a full band version all over the US in support of this album in the fall of  2009, featuring (among other things) 2 drummers, a gong player, and a wall of  amps.

  1. Wind's Dark Poem
  2. Through The Trees
  3. My Heart Is Not At Peace
  4. the Hidden Stone
  5. Wind Speaks
  6. Summons
  7. Mouth of Sky
  8. Between Two Mysteries
  9. Ancient Questions
  10. (something)
  11. Lost Wisdom pt. 2
  12. Stone's Ode
  13. (wind lyrics)
  14. 14 Summons (acoustic)
  15. 15 Lost Wisdom