Beverly the Hill EP


Beverly the Hill EP


Release 27/05/2016
Digital only release

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Heimer’s upcoming 4 track EP Beverly The Hill is a first glimpse into the forthcoming cosmos of Heimer’s debut record Teilzeit Swag, revealing some leftover tracks and additions to an adventurous musical journey alongside the album’s title track «Beverly the Hill». Meticulously dug out samples are layered with funky synths, gruff rock guitars and bold melodies over dry electronics before they melt into a unique kaleidoscope of musical genres.

From «Beverly The Hill’s» slow and deep hip-hop groove, «White Out Pt. I’s» allout experimental structure, to «Sugar Puff’s» catchy duality that flows into an almost classical theme, onto «Streif, Kitzebühel’s» expanding vibe - Heimer’s debut EP lets genres collide while never losing track of its own essence. It’s a versatile introduction to Heimer’s rich world of sounds that always strikes a balance between joyful complexity and bold simplicity.

Heimer is an up-and-coming electronic musician, producer and visual artist from Berlin. With his hip-hop, dance and pop influenced music, he bridges the gap between countless genres like grime, dubstep, acid-jazz and soul.

From Heimer’s long term interest in the mechanics and inner-workings of recording and musical equipment, he has teached himself how to fix, customise and create homemade and found musical equipment and act on his fascination for music and sonic exploration resulting in a broad spectrum of creative of musical output. After activities as a producer and collaborating in other projects Heimer’s debut solo album „Teilzeit Swag“ will be released on Tomlab in September 2016.


  1. Beverly The Hill (04:55 min)
  2. Sugar Puffs (3:22 min)
  3. White Out Pt. I (02:59 min)
  4. Streif, Kitzbühel (02:12 min)

Duration: 13:28 min