New O.D. Davey album "Some Waking Woman" out now - October 27th 2017

The new album "Some Waking Woman" by O.D. Davey celebrates its release today - both digital and on vinyl. After "Catgut Tape" (released in April 2015 via Tomlab) the current LP contains ten new tracks, which can be described as "these are touching, intricate ballads with melodies of nursery-rhyme sweetness, but as reimagined by a failed nineties gameshow host, humming his old theme-tunes as he staggers back home pissed after closing time." (Joey Connolly, June 2017).

Over the past few weeks O.D. Davey has released one video to each song via youtube. Those are audio-visual excerpts of his songs with a maximum playing time of 2:20 min. All videos are unedited Super-8 reels, being chosen by Berlin based video artists Graw Böckler and O.D. Davey together. Although each reel and each song has a story of its own, they play together like a memory of one another.

New LP "Some Waking Woman":

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